Friday, June 1, 2012

EXTREME Temperatures In Las Vegas Nevada 6-1-2012

The first day of June 2012 is bringing some "EXTREME" Temperatures in Las Vegas Nevada ...
Yesterday May 31st temperatures reached 109 around Las Vegas Blvd and today the weather person is predicting around the same temps, 108-109.
So for everyone in the Southwest & Las Vegas Valley areas (Drink Plenty of Water), try to stay out of direct sunlight ... "Step into the Shade" when ever possible ...
And if you have the chance take a dip in the lake or pool to cool down your body temperature. 

(Please Note) ... DO NOT for any reason leave children, pets in cars with windows rolled up or alone ... Temperatures in a car with 108 degree weather can create VERY EXTREME temperatures of 110-120 degrees which can be very fatal and cause DEATH.

Besides that children and or pets should never be left in cars alone period.

"Have a wonderful safe weekend Everyone"

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