Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Stories/Movies of "Cancer, Sickness & Death" (Thank You)

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz would like to personally thank all the people that have written Stories about "Cancer, Sickness & Death."

Not because Robert likes these subjects, but because Stories & Movies of "Cancer, Sickness & Death" are so moving and can really open our eyes about why were here. Every time I read a book or view a movie on this subject matter I just want to visit with my family or jump in a car or airplane and travel somewhere new ...

Why are we here on earth? To Live, Work & Die?

I am going to have to say (NO)!

I believe we were born into this world to Live, Love, Share, Learn, Travel, Care, Reproduce, create Peace and do what ever we can to make this a better place to live.

Last evening I watched a very touching movie about a sports player that was going to become very famous. Before he became famous he became sick and his body started to fail which in turn changed his life and his families life completely. 

The photo (above) was taken at a family wedding ... The people in the photo are ... Dorthy Swetz, Nu Nu, Sherry, myself and my father. Dorthy passed away in 2010 from Cancer that she had been fighting for 30 years, "God Rest her Soul"

Up until her last day on Earth Dorthy would pretend like it was her last day everyday. Dorthy would travel and do what ever she could before she was taken away to a better place. Our whole family could not believe that Dorthy could ever last 30 years fighting cancer all through her body, Dorthy was a very strong woman with a very strong "Will Power."

So a little reminder to all of you reading this story ...

Life isn't about Work, how much Money you make, Anger, Jealousy, Hatred, Murder, Stealing & all the Negative Things in Life.

Life can be Long for some, Short for others, or grab you very Quickly and take you away in the "Twinkling of an Eye"

So Enjoy your Time on Earth, Travel, Love one another, STOP spending so much Time at Work, spend more Time with your Loved Ones because ...

"Your LOVED ONES won't be around forever"

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