Saturday, September 21, 2013

If you were 50 Million Dollars Richer?

Let say you won the lottery, cashed in on a Real Estate investment, you inherited or for any other reason became $50,000,000 dollars richer ... "What would you do with your Money"???

Let's really stop and think about this for at least 10-15 minutes OK?

Here are just a handful of actions Vegas Bob would take if he became $50 million dollars richer ...

First of all I wouldn't tell anyone because there are people in this world that would try to get your money ASAP. Then I would hire several bodyguards to protect me, followed by going to stay somewhere quiet and safe not under my name of course and really think about my next moves for the next few days.

Then of course I would create several trusts for my money, a foundation, living trust, will, LLC's, Corporations, etc. This would be done by a very intelligent attorney. Before I really started investing my $50 million and purchasing material, etc. I would protect all of my assets.

So back to my title question ...

"If you were 50 million dollars Richer?

What is the first thing you would do?
 Below are just several places on the Internet where you can reach Vegas Bob. Search some of them and find one of VB's networks that you can leave a comment to his Million Dollar question.

And believe it or not, the jet in the photograph above costs $55,000,000 dollars. VB wouldn't be interested in this jet ;o/
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