Sunday, September 8, 2013

Latest News from Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 9-8-2013

 There have been followers of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz leaving comments at social networks wondering what he has been doing lately.
 Vegas Bob continues to sell Real Estate in Las Vegas and has been working on huge commercial buildings along Las Vegas Blvd.
 VB was interested in purchasing a condo in the San Diego area but since then has been searching further north. At this time VB in searching for a fixer-upper in the Carson City Nevada area. The reason VB is searching in Carson City is because CC is only 11 miles from Lake Tahoe and puts VB closer to the   "Redwoods" in Northern California.

 Lake Tahoe and the Redwoods in Northern California are 2 of VB's favorite places in the world. VB plans on retiring in the next 2-3 years so he wants to be close to his favorite places.

 The photo at the top of the page is Nu Nu & Sherry sitting on a rock in their swim suits, taking a break after swimming in the cold waters of Tahoe.

 The photo below is Nu Nu standing in the middle of a HUGE Redwood tree in Northern California south of Eureka. 


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