Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vegas Bob continues to think more & more about retirement ;o)

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz has been thinking so much about his businesses, selling Real Estate, working construction, taking videos and photographs, networking, etc.

Vegas Bob wants to enjoy life more, spend more time traveling and seeing the world. For the last 5 years VB has been really "Pushing the Envelope" with networking, blogging, taking videos/photographs, selling Real Estate, construction work ... and for what? Exposure? More business?

VB doesn't need any more exposure, and as for business, well business is great but VB would like to spend more time relaxing and enjoying life.

There are some HUGE commercial construction projects starting up this year in Las Vegas in summer of 2014, one project that is suppose to last 3 years. VB will be working on this project, continue selling RE and then hang up his hat.

The photograph (above) is VB kayaking at Lake Tahoe ... And this is just one of the activities VB looks forward to doing more often. 

Vegas Bob ;o)

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