Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz on Trial in Las Vegas Nevada 5-21-2014

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz on Trial in Las Vegas Nevada

Vegas Bob is giving Las Vegas a 12 month trial run on whether he is going to stay here or move on.
Vegas Bob has been living in Las Vegas for so long that he has become "Bored" with the city.

Don't get me wrong there is so much to do in Las Vegas Nevada, VB is just looking for a different type of excitement then what he is use to.
Like taking photos of beautiful women by the pools ... "well VB will always love that ;o)

And the beautiful city lights, well VB will always love them also. 
So for the next 12 months Vegas Bob will really be thinking about whether he really wants to live in Las Vegas. VB is really not sure about where he would move if he did leave Vegas, but he has some ideas.

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  1. We would love to have you in our North Georgia Mountains! (Gotta' say VB, you don't look bored!)