Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vegas Bob wants to know how much your paying for Real Estate Leads?

Vegas Bob wants to know how much you pay for Real Estate Leads?

Well it looks like Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been out of the loop in the Real Estate Industry. When VB was spending all those years working on construction projects, Real Estate Agents were out drumming up RE Leads.

And not the old fashion way, mail outs, cold calls, etc. These agents have been spending quite a bit of money on websites and networks that create "Leads For Sale"

Just the other day I overheard some agents talking about some agents paying $500 - $1000 dollars per month to these networks.

Vegas Bob could not believe his ears and can't imagine paying for leads in this amount of money. I spoke with a Broker from another company because VB is thinking of changing companies. She told me there are agents that are paying way over $1000 dollars per month.

The day VB pays $1000+ dollars per month will be the day he retires from the Real Estate Industry.

And for any of you out there that are paying this kind of money for leads. If you and all these other RE agents never started paying for leads, these Lead Generating networks wouldn't exist.

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