Saturday, May 17, 2014

Success = 12 Months of Positive Private Focus for Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 5-17-2014

For the next 12 months Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz will be spending every minute, every hour, every day, every week Focusing in Private on (only) Positive things.

Vegas Bob purchased a 2 bed, 2 bath condo in Chinatown only 5 minutes from Las Vegas Blvd, gated, beautiful pool, etc.

Robert Swetz has been taking care of and putting out all his energy for helping others, etc. Well ... now it's time to focus on Robert Vegas Bob Swetz.

Vegas Bob has books he needs to read to get licensed for another one of his businesses. VB has set goals, time frames, new projects and so much more. VB has been living with 4 family members for years and it's very difficult for VB to focus with everyone around. 

The goals that VB has set for himself are within reason and can be accomplished if he can focus. VB has already taken around 2 months vacations in 2014, and may take a several more just for a recharge. 

VB will be swimming everyday, hiking 2-3 times per week, eating healthy foods, etc. This is not the pool in the photo (above) that VB will be swimming in. This is a photo of the pool at "Hearst Castle" in California that I took last year.

So with all this focus, VB will not be spending as much time around ActiveRain and some of the other networks. VB will continue to moderate his many groups at AR, but posting less.

It's not about AR, FB, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc ...

It's all about creating "Success" 12 Months of Positive Private Focus for Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 5-17-2014

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