Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Happy Mother's Day" to my mother I haven't seen in 45 years

"Happy Mother's Day" to my mother I haven't seen in 45 years.

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz would like to wish his mother a "Happy Mother's Day"

It has been over 45 years since VB has seen his biological mother. And the lady in the photo below is VB's stepmother Dorothy Gilbert that passed away in the year 2010.
VB was working on a large construction project when his stepmother was dying of cancer. VB's sister had mentioned to VB that she was so far gone, that there would be no reason to fly to the Midwest to see her before she passed.
To this day, I wish I had flown to be by my stepmothers bed when she passed away.

For any of you that have the opportunity to spend Mother's Day with your mother's, you are very "Lucky"
Vegas Bob doesn't get to spend Mother's Day with his mother ;o(

"Enjoy the moment and please don't forget to tell your mother how much you love her" ;o)

    Dorothy Gilbert, Nu Nu, Robert Swetz Jr, Sherry and Robert Swetz Sr 2009

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