Thursday, December 17, 2015

Robert Alaska Bob Swetz's opportunities within The Sound of Silence

Robert Alaska Bob Swetz will be flying out from the "Lower 48" this coming weekend, December 20th.
Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob has many different opportunities being presented to him in "The Last Frontier" 
Between Law Enforcement, Real Estate, Guided Tours, Natural Resources, Photography, Ministry, Retirement, Alaska Bob will be making some choices in the next several months.

While Alaska Bob is in the State of Alaska, he will have approx 6+ hours per day for 1-2 months to really think about his next opportunity.
So that being said, Alaska Bob will be purchasing a very warm parka coat and some great waterproof hiking boats.
For the next 1-2 months Alaska Bob will be hiking along the snow covered trails, along the rivers, around the lake shorelines, mountain trails talking with his  higher power (God) and Mother Nature.

Alaska Bob is in no  hurry in making a decision as to what he will be doing for work in The Last Frontier, and will also be hiking the trails within ...


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