Sunday, December 13, 2015

Is there a beautiful heavenly place to find Peace of Mind?

I have traveled to some of the most beautiful places around the world and I know there will be new places of beauty.
For the last five years I have been in search of more beautiful heavenly places to find Peace of Mind.
A place where you can open your eyes in awe at the beauty that surrounds, a place where you can close your eyes and hear the sounds of the waves crashing, sounds of birds, etc, or the Sounds of Silence.
The photo above was taken in the Redwoods in northern California by Eureka, approx 100 miles south of the Oregon Border.
The Redwoods are by far one of my magical places that I have been visiting for 40 years now.

Lake Tahoe in the photo above is another magical place that I have been visiting for around 40 years now.
I have viewed and visited hundreds and thousands of lakes in my life time and never found a lake as beautiful and amazing as Lake Tahoe.

Another magical place that comes to mind would be Phuket Thailand in southeast Asia in the photo above. Along with several places in Thailand would be Myanmar (Burma).

Many areas along the pacific coast in Oregon and California have also been very magical beautiful places to find Peace of Mind, and the photo above was taken in Laguna Beach.

And now my (new) place of interest in searching for that beautiful heavenly place to find Peace of Mind would be the State of Alaska, and the photo above was taken in Seward.

The photo above is La Selva Beach California, another (new) place of interest filled with beauty and where I have found Peace of Mind.
Here are just a few places for me and I am always in search of places where I can find Peace of Mind.
Remember, once you find that beautiful heavenly places where you have found Peace of Mind, visit these places as often as possible.
Take a photo with your camera, a photo in your mind and remember the Peace of Mind feelings that came across you.

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