Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Memories of Myanmar (Burma) and it's people

Robert Swetz with Burmese people

Happy memories of Myanmar (Burma) and it's people
Over the last 10 years Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has had the privilege of traveling to Burma which they call Myanmar 4 different times. When visiting the country and it's people it's like going back in time, less technology, less stress and less troubles.

Burmese Children

When ever I would come across the Burmese people they were always very interested in me as a foreigner to their country. They were always polite and some a bit camera shy, but after a few minutes of my guide talking to these in the Burmese language they came around quickly for that camera pose.

Burmese Boys by Robert Swetz

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is planning another visit to Myanmar and the Philippines in the near future and looks forward to taking more fun photographs like the ones on this page.

Robert Swetz and Zin in Myanmar

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