Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thunderbird Falls Alaska - Great Memories by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

When I started traveling up to Alaska on a regular basis in 2014, Thunderbird Falls was one of my first places I took videos and photographs.
The reason was because Thunderbird Falls was only approx. 20 miles north of Anchorage and every time we drove to Wasilla we always passed the turn off to the falls.
It's a easy hike about 2 miles in from the parking lot and no real steep hills to walk. Although when I took this video footage I climbed across steep rocks and slippery areas to find a spot that really caught my eye.
Since this video was taken and photograph we have hiked in to take a look several more times. At one time about half way down the trail some other hikers were taking photographs of a mother brown bear and to cubs catching fish along the river approx. 30 feet down from the cliff.

Thunderbird Falls by Robert Swetz

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