Saturday, June 4, 2016

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz had a great time at James Bond Island Thailand

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz had the privilege of visiting James Bond Island some time ago and he loved everything about Thailand, except maybe the humidity.
Now for some Americans and travelers from other countries traveling to Thailand and other countries in South East Asia can be very difficult. In fact the flight from America to Thailand or Myanmar can take as long as 17 hours one way.
I remember when I flew several different times and after about 5-6 hours sitting on a plane and a person starts getting stir crazy. Some people sleep but I find it very difficult to sleep on a plane.
Anyway once a person gets to their destination everything changes and it is so much fun. The food is great, the Thai people are great along with the beaches and so much more.
Here is just one video of many that I took while I was in Thailand and I will post more later in the month of June.

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