Saturday, November 5, 2016

Will Humans ever become a civilized race?

Will Humans ever become a civilized race?

The Human civilization has been around for thousands & thousands of years. Since the advancement of computer chip that was brought to use by beings from another world within their crashed aircraft in 1947, I wonder?

The United States of America is going through another Presidential Election for 2016 and it's so crazy with parties fluffing their features, telling their lies, making promises, etc. Between what's going on with this Presidential Election, the GREED and POWER that Big Corporate America continues to empower American Citizens, I believe the Human Race is headed backwards.

When I continue to see, hear and learn about the corruption of politicians, corporations, federal government, etc, I just want to go somewhere quiet and be left alone ;o(

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been working on a plan that will take place in the next 2-3 years. Places where he will live that are far away from Big Corporate America, places where Robert can relax and not be caught up in all the corruption, politics, news media and SOCIAL MEDIA.

Why can't we learn to Love everyone? Why can't we be civilized? Why can't we be at Peace with one another? Why can't we all have ONE God? Why can't we learn to create a world to live in with less Greed and Power of Control?
Why do we need Governments? Why do we need money? 

Robert Swetz continues to pray for that day of separation from uncivilized human beings and it will be coming soon ... ;o) 


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