Thursday, November 10, 2016

Meet Clint Eastwood & Vegas Bob at Mission Ranch

Meet Clint Eastwood & Vegas Bob at Mission Ranch

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is flying his wife down from Alaska for one week to stay with him in Northern California.
Vegas Bob has booked several nights at the Mission Ranch at Carmel-by-the-Sea located at the Monterey Peninsula.

Now Vegas Bob can't guarantee that Clint Eastwood will be at the Mission Ranch this following weekend, but Vegas Bob is hoping so.
Clint Eastwood has been know to mingle with motel quests eating at the restaurant from time to time when he's not working on movies.

 Now maybe people just want to meet Clint Eastwood and not Vegas Bob, and in that case well I guess I can't help you out there.
Vegas Bob will be taking new photographs when he stays at the Mission Ranch with his wife, and if Clint is there this weekend you know Vegas Bob will want a photograph taken with him.

Here are some photographs and a video Vegas Bob took in 2012 on his last visit to Mission Ranch.

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