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Was Robert Swetz the California Kid before he became Vegas Bob?

 Was Robert Swetz the California Kid before he became Vegas Bob?

Robert Swetz was born in the Midwest and when he was a teenager moved to Portland Oregon and lived there off and on for 5 years. The photo (above) was taken in Santa Cruz in 2016 and the photo (below) was taken in Portland Oregon in 1979.

In 1982 Robert Swetz lived and worked in downtown San Francisco and in 1983 he lived in Santa Barbara and also worked as a glazier in the construction trade.
Between 1985 and 2000 Robert Swetz lived in Minneapolis, St Paul, Crosby, Aitkin, Coon Rapids and other areas of Minnesota. 
It wasn't until the year 2000 that Robert Swetz moved to Las Vegas Nevada and took on the nickname "Vegas Bob" in 2008 from members of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.

In the last 3 years Robert Swetz has lived in Anchorage Alaska off and on for around 7 months. 1 year in Morgan Hill California and now San Jose for the last 5 months.

The main reason I am writing this post with the question "Was Robert Swetz the California Kid before he became Vegas Bob" is because ...

Robert Swetz started traveling in the state of California in 1976 up until now 2016.
Robert has driven through the whole state of California from Cresent City on the coast at the very top of California to San Diego along the Pacific coast approx 20 times.
Robert Swetz has traveled down the center of the state of California I-5 approx 17 times.
Robert Swetz has traveled through more cities, towns and areas of the state of California then anyone he has met or even known that lives in California or lived there in the past.

Robert Swetz has thousands & thousands of photographs and hundreds of videos that he has taken over the many years of traveling the state of California.
So even though Robert Swetz was given the nickname Vegas Bob back in 2008, could it be possible that Robert Swetz is also the ...


And even though Robert Swetz may be the California Kid he will always go by the nickname ... VEGAS BOB ;o)

Photo right above taken at Half Moon Bay California, Beach photo 3 photos above taken at Laguna Beach California, photo taken on top of Mammoth Mountain at Mommoth Lakes California, Famous Las Vegas sign taken in Las Vegas Nevada.

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