Thursday, October 5, 2017

Las Vegas Nevada Shooting is a Wake Up Call America by Vegas Bob

Las vegas Nevada Shooting is a Wake Up Call America by Vegas Bob

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been taking videos of shows and entertainment in Las Vegas Nevada for over 10 years now.
Many of the events have very large groups of tourists and some locals from Las Vegas.

The shooting incident that took place just off Las Vegas Blvd could have happened in any city across the nation.
I seriously believe that the person that did the shooting wanted everyone to know just how easy it is to get into a building and do what he did.

I was asked by some friends to attend the country western event on 10/1/2017 but I turned it down for personal reasons and I want to thank God I didn't attend.

How a person could get all the rifles into the hotel room in a 3 day period is beyond me. Why aren't there metal detectors at the doors of the entrances of hotels, schools, coliseums, airports, shopping centers, night clubs and any other public places with large groups of people? Because it would cost too much?

I personally think metal detectors should be in all public places where there are large groups of people no matter what the cost.

Peoples lives are more important than the cost of metal detectors.

This is but one short video of a Halloween event on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas Nevada that I took in 2011.
There where thousands of people down there for around 4 straight nights.

With Halloween around the corner in towns & cities across the nation with large groups of people, are they going to feel safe and protected? I don't think they will after the latest incident in Las Vegas.

And if I am to continue taking videos of music events and entertainment, I want to feel safe ...

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