Monday, October 2, 2017

The Demon that was in the Shooters Head in Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz 10/1/2017

The Demon that was in the Shooters Head in Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz 10/1/2017

Well where do I start with such a tragic day in Las Vegas Nevada and the United States?

Please note by all means I do not want readers to think very hard about my religious remarks made on this post, my words are coming from the heart.

At around 10:00pm 10/1/2017 I was reading several pages from the Bible, and very rarely do I read at night, mostly mornings.
After I had gone to sleep a friend sent me a text message at around 11:05 stating that a shooter from Mandalay Bay had open fire at a country western event in Las Vegas Nevada.
The text message didn't wake me up but I saw it at around 4:30am 10/2/2017. 
At this time I Googled Las Vegas shooting only to find out it was true, and I thought to myself ... "Why God"?

I have lived in Las Vegas for around 20 years and never thought that anyone would ever start shooting automatic weapons at anyone in Las Vegas.

I am very disappointed that a demon was able to get into this shooters head and do what he did.
I really think this is a eye opener as to just how easy anyone can get guns, ammo & bombs into hotels, schools, stadiums and any other buildings and open fire on large groups of people outdoors and indoors.

In the near future there will be metal detectors in doorways of schools, hotels, stadiums, airports, etc.

I can't even begin to imagine the blood shed that was brought about by one person. Innocent people having a great time, shot, killed and injured and why?

All these people from around the United States that were put in body bags and brought to areas for identification. For their relatives to pick up.

What a sad day in history and my prayers go out to all the victims, family, friends and world.

And to top it off Tom Petty passed away today, what a bad day it's been my friends ;o(

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