Monday, May 21, 2018

BEWARE of New Privacy Policies in the World Wide Web

    • BEWARE of New Privacy Policies in the World Wide Web

While searching for a car rental yesterday I came across this new privacy at Hertz Car Rental dated 5/17/2018
Like most people searching the web I usually just click on the agree box, but this time I opened it up only to find loop holes of invasion of privacy. 
I usually book my reservations online but after reading all the different items of my privacy for Hertz Car Rentals, I changed my mind. And will pay the extra $10+ dollars for not paying on the spot and giving them all these items of privacy as an American citizen.
Be very careful about online companies, online banking, searching the www and so much more. Tech companies are pulling and documenting more and more of our personal information.
  • Data Collection (What & How)
    • a. TYPES OF INFORMATION COLLECTED: The types of information collected regarding you and your interactions with Us may include, but is not limited to:

Personal InformationTechnological InformationRental Information
Your name,
Email address,
Phone number,
Residency address,
Date and place of birth,
Passport number,
Driver’s license or other ID photograph,
Credit score and history,
Criminal history,
IP address,
Device ID,
IP address;
Browser type;
Operating system;
Mobile device identifiers;
Geo-location data;
The state or country from which you accessed Our websites;
The specific webpages visited;
The date and the time of a visit;
The websites you visited immediately before and after visiting Our websites;
The number of links and specific links you click within Our websites;
The functions you use on Our websites;
Any reservations, updates, purchases, or other transactions through Our websites;
The data you view or download from Our websites; and
The number of times you view any particular advertisements
Payment card information,
Video of you and interaction with Us,
Membership organization number,
Frequent flyer number,
Loyalty program,
Organizational affiliations,
Employee ID number,
Employer name and contact information,
booking location,
Rental or purchase location,
Return location,
Geographical areas visited,
Preferences and usage information,
Charges incurred,
Purchase prices and details,
Itinerary information,
Data related to claims
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