Sunday, May 13, 2018

To all the Mother's I have known in my Life

To all the Mother's I have known in my Life

When I was around 8 years old my parents got divorced so I grew up with live in nanny's because my father needed help around the house and would be gone most weekends.
I have a older sister that took on the parent role and she sort of became a mother to me. So after I reached 8 years old all my friend's mothers became my mother in a way. We would ride our bikes around the neighborhood stopping in different houses for lunch or a snack and would go back out riding. There would be days that I would be gone all day and sleeping over at my friend's homes because I didn't have a mother at home.
Later in life my father had a live in nanny that was quite a bit younger then the rest and my sister and younger brother started becoming attached to her. Then my father ended up marrying her and she became my stepmother. I was at the age when I knew for some reason she was not my mother. And after they were married she came to me and said Bobby you can call me mother now instead of Dorthy. I looked at her and said you are not my mother and you will never will be my mother, and I think I hurt her with these words.
The years went by and as I became a teenager my relationship with my stepmother became worse. I was thinking I knew it all and rebelling against the world. I ended up leaving my parents when I was 15 years old and headed 2000 miles west with a friend of mine that also didn't want to live with his parents.
As the years went by and I grew up I realized that my stepmother was my mother in a way because she raised me, and she was still married to my father after all these years. My stepmother passed in 2010 and for some reason my father and sister didn't want me to fly back to her bedside before she passed, they said she was to far gone. To this day I so wished I had flown back to the Midwest and held my stepmother's hand before she left this world, I really never got to say goodbye ;o(

To this day I have not seen my biological mother in approx 45 years, I did find her and follow her on FB around 4 years ago. Maybe some day before she passes I can visit her and listen to some of the stories and or look at photos when I was younger if she still has them.
Most of my life I have been searching for the mother I lost when I was very young and along my way in life all mother's have kind of become mine in one way or another.
With that being said I would like to say goodbye to my stepmother in this post, I love you, miss you and you were a great mother.
And I would like to wish all mother's across the world a "Happy Mother's Day" because in one way or another I feel all the mother's I have met, you are my mother also ... ;o)
Mother's Day
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