Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Silicon Valley California or Las Vegas Nevada for Robert Swetz?

Silicon Valley California or Las Vegas for Robert Swetz?

At the moment Robert Swetz has been preparing himself physically and mentally for the next new construction project to come his way. 
Robert has checked some new projects out and likes several but none that are really close to where he lives in San Jose. Robert was offered several jobs in downtown San Francisco but (does not) want to spend 4 hours per day commuting from SJ to SF.

There are many new construction projects getting ready light up in Las Vegas Nevada and the Bay Area. But at this moment Robert being patient about where his next move will be. Robert doesn't really want to take any job but is really trying to let fate direct him into the next project.
Robert's gut feeling will let him know which construction project he will be landing and has been doing this for the last 3 years now, and it's been working very well.
Robert would really like to get on the (new) Google project coming up in Mountain View California.
And Robert would really like to work at Resorts World Las Vegas Nevada but both projects have been pushed to a later date in fall of 2018 or early spring of 2019.

Still patiently waiting ...

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