Thursday, April 19, 2012

As we get older "Change" becomes more difficult ...

"Change" is a part of life that is continuous and a part of life that is inevitable.
We all go through "Change" but we are not always in tune with it.

As we get older in age we become very comfortable within our family lives, employment surroundings and where we live. and it becomes very difficult to make that choice of "Change."

Well Robert Swetz is taking a huge step into "Change" in his life, not knowing what really lies in store. Robert has thought about this choice that he is making over & over, day by day. Robert has had more than enough time to make his decision on what his next step will be in life.

The "Change" in Robert's life shall be very interesting and this "Change" will be coming soon ... wish him the best success in him new journey ...

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz will be moving to San Francisco California for the rest of 2012 to work on construction projects. Robert will continue to sell Real Estate in Las Vegas Nevada and surrounding areas around Nevada.

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