Monday, August 1, 2016

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has a New name - Mr Positive

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has a New name - Mr Positive

For some reason since Vegas Bob spent 5 months in Alaska from November 2015 to May 2016, he is not the same person he was years ago. 
And Vegas Bob is wondering if it's where he's working now in California, the food he's eating, the people he has met or really what has changed Vegas Bob?
When Vegas Bob came down to the Lower 48 in May of 2016 after spending 5 months in Alaska, family and friends around him were so negative. Vegas Bob tried staying away from them and or replacing their negative attitudes with his own positive attitude that he found in Alaska.
Everywhere I go now, whether it's work, the store, etc all I hear is whining about politics, taxes, tragedies across the world, bad weather, etc. And do you know what Vegas Bob does when he hears this whining? Either tells the people he doesn't want to hear their negativity and changes the subject into wonderful loving, kind, peaceful subjects.
In fact we have been having hot and miserable conditions in some buildings we are working on and while I am talking with my foreman and everyone else is whining I tell him, I am happy to be working. Most of my friends that grew up with have passed away and there are many people around the world that don't have jobs, food or a roof over their heads.
Vegas Bob is a very "Lucky Man" and is happy to be alive, working, in good health, loved by many and a traveler of the world. 
Vegas Bob wouldn't change his life with anybody, he loves his life and if you like you can call him ...


And a added note:

The Last Frontier ... Alaska has done this to Robert Vegas Bob Swetz so he is going to build a small retirement home on the acreage he bought in Homer Alaska.
So Vegas Bob can get some more of that positive mojo Alaska has to offer!

Robert Swetz in Alaska
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz at Hatcher Pass Alska 2015

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