Thursday, August 18, 2016

Did Robert Swetz capture UFO in a Cloud?

Did Robert Swetz capture UFO in a Cloud?

Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has been taking photographs for over 35 years and when he comes across a strange object in the sky, he begins to wonder.
I begin to wonder what that green ball is in the cloud? Could it be a UFO? Maybe some aircraft from another country? A drone?
I have spent many late nights into early hours around AREA 51, parts of New Mexico and other states across the US looking into the sky. Looking at satellites, shooting stars and other moving objects. 
In fact several years ago when I was on the edge of AREA 51 by Rachel Nevada around midnight and I had my cameras, video camera and binoculars out looking into the sky. I was alone and all of a sudden cars and trucks started driving up to the same location from the east a couple hours later.
They also had cameras, binoculars and chairs that they sat on as they also looked into the sky. After about one hour I slowly went over to them and asked some of them what they were looking at, some of them said satellites and UFOs. I asked some of them if they have ever seen a UFO and they replied yes  haven't you? I proceeded to ask another gentleman what a UFO looked like and he said UFOs come in many shapes and forms. He first sighting of a UFO was when he was around 5 years old, he said the UFO was long and shaped like a cigar. He stated that the UFO would slowly move from electrical power lines sucking electricity from them.
As I talked with many of them about UFOs they started to show me while looking into the stars what they look like compared to satellites, planets and shooting stars.
The people that I met that evening were a special group of people from Idaho that travel to different parts of the US viewing UFOs. They also mentioned that their favorite place to view with more sightings then anywhere across the country was around AREA 51 in Nevada.
So what's your opinion?
What is this little green looking ball in the clouds? And have you ever seem a UFO?

Photography by Robert Swetz
This photograph was taken in Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz in May 2016

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