Sunday, August 7, 2016

Laguna Beach one of the most Beautiful Coastlines in the World

Laguna Beach one of the most Beautiful Coastlines in the World

Well this is the 2nd time that Thomas has rolled around to leave a comment to one of Vegas Bob's posts at the ActiveRain network about how much he loves Laguna Beach. So I have written a special post with 2 great videos, photographs and a actual comment Thomas left at a older post I wrote about the beauty of Laguna Beach in California.

Laguna Beach by Robert Swetz

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has viewed hundreds of beaches around the world and the beaches of Hawaii are some of the only ones he has not viewed, but now Thomas has and has also stated that Laguna Beach is more beautiful then ones in Hawaii.

Here is what Robert Swetz considers a Beautiful Beach in his eyes ...
Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are beaches that have cliffs, structure, plants, flowers, trees and unusual rock formations, along with aqua-blue, green waters, and waves that pound on huge rocks along the coast line.
Please Note:  (Beaches that are flat with palm trees and zero rocks are boring, these types of beaches are a dime a dozen and lack true coast line beauty).

Laguna Beach by Robert Swetz

So this post has been written by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz for anyone that knows the TRUE beauty of Laguna Beach in Southern California and my friend Thomas that agrees with me on it's beauty.
Thanks for stopping back at one of my older posts that was written around 3 years ago, and I think I am due for another visit to Laguna Beach soon!

"Thanks Thomas" and all the other viewers ... ;o)

 Here is a comment that Thomas left to a 3 year old post I wrote about Laguna Beach several years ago, and Thomas has inspired me to write a new one!
to terry lindsay, my wife and i have been to hawaii and the caribbean as well as up and down east coast and i can say unequivocally laguna beach is #1 beach in world! laguna coastline is stunning beyond belief and even the bias liberal media has said so, that's fox news, cnn, msmbc, abc, cbs, abc!

no coastline is more stunning that laguna beach, and lets' not bring malibu into this that beach sucks! only other coastline to match would be central california, pismo beach, morro bay and avila beach.

only 2 negatives, we're in the world famous " ring of fire" which means active volcanos as well as being near the san andreas fault, worlds largest and longest fault, approximately 500 miles long, starts in palm springs area and north to north of lake tahoe. also laguna beach gets too crowded in summer time since it's a small beach but people come to shop and there's shops lined up and down coast hwy, from san juan capistrano to south laguna.

if anyone wishes to detest my opinion your welcome to it but since i myself have been up and down east coast, hawaii and caribbean, i thins i have room to talk.

this isn't just our opinon but we have many visitors to our home and all want to see world famous laguna beach and all of them have already seen palm beach, fl. which we've also seen


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