Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Working at Santa Clara Square Silicon Valley by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

Photography by Robert Swetz

Working at Santa Clara Square Silicon Valley by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

For the 2 months Vegas Bob has been working on a construction project in Santa Clara for Benson Industries called Santa Clara Square installing glass.

Santa Clara Square by Robert Swetz

Benson Industries is owned by Warren Buffett and we just completed the 2nd building of 6 that will be built in this area. After these buildings are complete we will be going to another area in Santa Clara to build another 9 buildings like the ones in the photos, or start work on the (New) Google Project coming up soon ;o)

Santa Clara Square by Robert Swetz

Robert Swetz has had the opportunity to work at the new Apple Campus several times, but has not really made up his mind if he wants to leave Benson Industries.
The group of men & women working for Benson Industries at Santa Clara Square are a close group of great glaziers & iron workers. Benson Industries has really been taking care of all of us, and our bosses Shivago & Dennis have really been a great super attendant and foreman to work for ;o)

Santa Clara Square by Robert Swetz
All Photographs taken by Robert Swetz 2016

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