Monday, August 21, 2017

Have you heard the latest breaking news?

Have you heard the latest breaking news?

You are not going to believe what happened today!
This latest breaking news is unbelievable!
It's a total shocker ...

Well now that I have your attention I just wanted to share some vital information about happiness and how to find it quickly!

Stop watching negative news ... 

Negative news is by far the worst way of becoming happy!
All the news is full of riots, threats from North Korea, all the terrible people President Trump is firing around him, murder around the world, bombs, terrorist's driving over people, statues being torn down that have been up for a hundred years 

How could anyone be happy listening to all this garbage on the news, they act like it's the end of the world or something.

And the question is by watching all this negative news, what can you do about it? Riot? Please!

I am all about happiness and don't watch the news and that is the number one way of starting to be happy.

Wouldn't it be great if when we turned on the news, read a newspaper all we saw or read is about happy things?

And negative Ned's or Nellie's, most of their negativity comes from all the negative news so do you get the point?

Turn the garbage off, flip the switch to happy programs, etc ;o) 

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