Sunday, August 20, 2017

Robert Swetz Living his Life Young Again Body and Mind

Robert Swetz Living his Life Young Again Body and Mind

Well the time has come for old Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob to switch up his life again, and (no) I'm beyond a middle age crisis. 

With all the technology and craziness going on around the world I have decided to step back in time, and I don't mean to live in the past.

I am thinking more on the lines of a less complex life style, less serious, less adult like and start thinking more like when I was in my younger years.

Of course my body is much older and tired then it was in my younger years but that doesn't mean my mind has to be.

I have been going to the gym to work out everyday now for just over three months and my body is starting to get strong like it was when I was younger.

Well what I find awful strange is from all the exercise I have been getting for the last three months, my mind is also starting to change.

Old Robert Swetz is getting young again, I can feel it in my body and mind. So it's time to travel, have fun and start leaving most of the garbage of everyday life behind.

It's time for change for Robert Swetz and here are some fun photos of years gone by that I will be bringing back on a daily basis.
 So if you happen to run into Robert Swetz and he's acting a little goofy of childlike, that's how I want to live my life!

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