Monday, June 30, 2014

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz contacts his friends at The FBI and IRS 6/30/2014

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz contacts his friends at The FBI and IRS

Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob doesn't usually like to contact his friends at The FBI or IRS, but there is a situation that needs to be dealt with.

Around 6 years ago VB purchased a vacant 11 acre property from a FBI agent. Since then we have become very close friends. Well VB's friend whom we will call Bill needs some videos taken for one of his new businesses. VB offered to take video in exchange for a favor.

VB has some family members that use to work for a very successful business owner in Las Vegas Nevada. VB has known this business owner for around 9 years now, but since then the business owner has been cheating his employees out of unemployment taxes, insurance, social security and more. Also word has it this business owner might be money laundering.

So instead of VB jumping to conclusions his FBI friend Bill is going to have a detective case the joint for a while. Not a FBI agent, but a friend of a friend detective.

Now VB has tried for over 2 weeks to contact the business owner to talk about what might be going on, phone calls, text messages, emails and VB even stopped at the business with no success.

So VB is bringing out the big guns and will be contacting some other friends of his at the IRS to find out if the business owner is laundering money.

It sure is nice knowing people in big places ;o)

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