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Where did Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's 'kind-heartedness'' come from? 6-22-2014

Where did Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's 'kind-heartedness' come from?

Robert Swetz's kind-heartedness' all started at the very young age of six years old. Robert's father started sharing with him love, kindness, honesty, etc, before he was six years old. But is wasn't till Robert's parents divorced around the age of 6 that Robert really started developing a kind heart.

At the age of six, Robert and his older sister would go up to their grandparents cabin on the lake. Robert's grandfather was from Czechoslovakia and his grandmother was from Sweden. Robert's grandfather loved fishing and his grandmother loved God, nature and living things.

Robert's grandmother was diagnosed with polio at the very young age of two. She had a leg braise so it was very difficult for her to get around. Robert's grandfather had to pick her up to put her in the car, pick her up to put her in bed, etc.

But this never stopped Robert's grandmother from loving life. She would tell Robert everyday that people, animals and all living things were 'Gods Creatures' and they all have a part in God's plan. Robert's grandmother use to feed the chipmunk's, hummingbirds with red sweetened juice and and anything that was living.

Robert's grandmother, grandfather, father & sister had all developed kind hearts from either their ancestors or God himself. So Robert's heart followed with the rest of his family.

Robert's grandmother passed away around the early 1980's and Robert's grandfather passed away in 2003. 

Robert's 'kind-heartedness' continues to this day and he tries to pass it on to his children and people that surround him.

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