Saturday, January 23, 2016

Beware of Bears while hiking the trails of Alaska by Robert Swetz

Beware of Bears while hiking the trails of Alaska by Robert Swetz

For 2 years now Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob has been hiking the trails of Alaska, around Anchorage, Palmer, Homer, Wasilla, Seward, Denali National Park, etc.

While Robert hikes the trails, he is very prepared will a round bell attached to his belt to create noise while hiking, pepper bear spray, large Bowie knife and Robert is purchasing either a 44 Magnum or a 45 semiautomatic for protection.
Bear attacks are not real common but if hikers come around a sharp corner and startle a mother bear and her cubs, you have a serious problem.
Bears can outrun humans, climb trees and have the power to rip you head off with one swipe of their paw ;o(
Alaska Bob's suggestion would be, "Don't Be a Statistic" be prepared will hiking the trails of Alaska.
And remember ... you are in the Mother Natures Playground and there are more Bear, Moose, Wolf, etc then there are humans.

Robert Alaska Bob Swetz's Family Looking over the Bay in ...
Jan 5, 2016 - Uploaded by Robert Swetz
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Moose in Homer Alaska by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

Jan 7, 2016 - Moose in Homer Alaska by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

Videos By Vegas Bob

Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob continues to plug his new nickname ALASKA BOB and has reached 7th page on Google search of the name ALASKA BOB ;o).
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Robert Swetz Vegas Bob - Alaska Bob wishes Merry Christ

Robert Swetz - Extended circles
Dec 24, 2015 - Robert Swetz Vegas Bob - Alaska Bob wishes Merry Christ

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Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is sure going to miss Las Vegas Nevada .... Thanking Russians for following Robert Vegas Bob Swetz aka Alaska Bob in Ninilchik  ...
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