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The Secret to Life by Robert Swetz

The Secrets to Life by Robert Swetz

The secret to Life is quite simple but very difficult for many to grasp because of either our upbringing by parents, teachers and people around us.

The number one secret to Life is to know your purpose, why were you born, why are you here, etc.
Once you have really discovered your purpose in Life, everything else starts falling into place.

The second secret to Life is to find that perfect place, a place where you are totally content, relaxed, amazed either by it's beauty and where we have peace of mind.
Remember this place, revisit this place and return to this place as often as possible, and remember there can be more than one place.

Robert Swetz discovered his purpose in Life around 40 years ago, along with those places I mentioned (above) where we can find peace of mind.

Robert Swetz's purpose in Life is Traveling the World and expressing the beauty of the World through his photographs and videos.
Here are just a handful of beautiful places Robert Swetz has had the privilege to visit and capture with his camera.

Three of these photographs were taken in Myanmar (South East) Asia, can you guess which ones?

Robert Swetz has also shared his (number one) place to find peace of mind in the video below.
Robert Swetz has been spending time and first found peace of mind in the Redwoods in Orick California around 40 years ago.
Robert Swetz has had the privilege of spending time hiking the Redwoods over 20 times in his Life. 
And will continue to visit his largest living friends (the redwoods) the rest of his Life.

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    ROBERT SWETZ - Robert (Vegas BobSwetz - Photographer, Writer, Artist - Realty... age and have Traveled all my life taking Photographs & Videos along the way. ... in Phuket Thailand is but one of many islands around beautiful Thailand.

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