Friday, January 22, 2016

Vacation in Australia and New Zealand by Robert Swetz

Vacation in Australia and New Zealand by Robert Swetz

Around 20 years ago I had planned on moving to Australia, completing most of the paper work for immigration, etc.
I was very excited about immigrating to Australia but never went through with my plans.
Since then I always dream about visiting Australia and New Zealand.

After reading books about Australia I became intrigued with some other islands next to Australia called New Zealand.
And once I started reading books and looking at photographs of New Zealand, I became more interested in visiting New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand are so close to each other that if a person was going to visit one country, they might as well visit the other.
So that being said, I have once again really started thinking about visiting Australia and New Zealand soon, before I get to old to travel long distance.

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