Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Robert Swetz moved by the story and movie - The Revenant

Robert Swetz moved by the story and movie - The Revenant

Well I finally had the chance to view the movie The Revenant yesterday and WOW ... what a story and great movie!

And after viewing what Hugh Glass went through, between being attacked by Indians (Native Americans) to a Grizzly attack, etc., I thought what a wonderful life I have.
And as much hiking that I have done in Alaska the last couple years, the thought of carrying a pistol has crossed my mind many times.

I have a handful of pistols locked up in a vault in Las Vegas because I didn't want to carry them into Alaska through the airlines. It's just as easy to buy more, you can never have enough guns ;o)
I have seen bears in a distance while hiking in Alaska, but I had no idea that they could run so fast!
When I viewed the Hugh Glass getting chased down by a Grizzly and being tore up like a rag doll, all I could think about was a 45 Colt Semiautomatic or a 44 magnum.
I am not about to let some Grizzly, Moose or wolf attack me while hiking the trails of Alaska.
Also if I was to get lost and or caught in bad weather for several days or weeks, I would need a gun to hunt for food, for survival.

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