Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fireworks cause Serious Injuries & what does Smokey Bear say?


With Independence Day around the corner, fireworks are being used across the country by all types of people. Whether it is against the law or not, hundreds of thousands of people across the nation will be purchasing fireworks from their sources.

Fireworks are dangerous
My suggestion would be (do not) purchase fireworks and go to a place where professionals shoot them off or watch them on television, fireworks can cause serious injuries.

Smokey the Bear
Not only can fireworks cause serious injuries but fireworks can cause forest fires and you know the story of Smokey Bear (Hot Foot Teddy)? Smokey Bear is a true story from Lincoln New Mexico of a baby bear that was found during a forest fire, and his paws were burned. Some fire fighters helped bring Hot Foot Teddy back to health after treating his injuries and the rest is History.

Smokey the Bear State Park

So please don't play with fireworks this holiday weekend to prevent injuries and forest fires and have a wonderful Independence weekend and Day ;o)

Robert Swetz with Smokey Bear

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