Sunday, July 17, 2016

Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada by Robert 'Vegas Bob' Swetz

Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada by Robert 'Vegas Bob' Swetz

For anyone that has never been to Las Vegas Nevada, Shame on you!
Las Vegas Nevada has become the Entertainment Capital of the World passing up Hollywood Los Angeles California several years ago.
When ever Vegas Bob writes a post about Las Vegas about purchasing a home there he comes across comments like ... oh it's too hot! Nothing is green! Blah-Blah-Blah ... ;o/
But Vegas Bob never reads other members posts and says ... oh you have too many mosquitoes, it's too humid, Blah-Blah-Blah ;o)
Las Vegas is a very vibrant city with Entertainment, pools everywhere to (cool down), gambling, people watching, some of the best shopping in the world, great music, food and so much more.
Sure Las Vegas has quite a few strip clubs, casinos everywhere, but you don't have to go to them! And if it gets too hot, take a 45 minute drive to Mt Charleston, take a short drive to the Grand Canyon, take a short drive to southern Utah that has some of the greatest National Parks in the Nation and COOL DOWN.
Take a 4-5 hour drive to the beaches of San Diego California to cool down! Take a 7+ hour drive north to Lake Tahoe to cool down! Take 3 hour drive to Ely Nevada and cool down! Turn on your AC in your car or home to cool down!
And when most people are freezing their butts of during the winter months we are in T-Shirts and shorts sucking up the sun. And for anyone that likes SPORTS, once the Raiders start playing in Las Vegas in their (New) Stadium all the other Pro-Sports teams will follow ... Pro-Basketball, Pro-Baseball, etc.

So for anyone that is interested in purchasing home or getting into a bigger or smaller home in the Las Vegas Valley, call Robert 'Vegas Bob' Swetz TODAY ...

702 443 7156

And Please Don't Rain On Vegas Bob's Parade about how HOT it is in Las Vegas, we love the HEAT and it very rarely Rains ;o)
And just remember ... IT'S A DRY HEAT! No Humidity Involved ;o)

Las Vegas Nevada

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