Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Halibut Charter Homer Alaska booked by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz just finished booking his halibut charter for 6 people in Homer Alaska, which will take place around the end of August 2016.
Robert Swetz is very excited and is flipping the whole bill on the charter which will be over $1000 dollars.

Halibut fishing in Homer Alaska

This price for a charter of 6 people is a smoking deal, they supply the poles, bate, cleaning of the fish, all except flash freezing into one pound vacuumed selling plastic.

Halibut Alaska

Here's the way I see it ...
Alaskan halibut sells for around $25 dollars per pound. There will be 6 adults fishing and the average halibut is around 50 lbs and can reach up to 400 lbs. Now I am looking at it with the average of 50 pound halibut minus 10 lbs of waste is approx. 40 lbs per fish times 6 = 240 lbs of fresh halibut meat.
240 lbs x $25.00 is $6000.00.
Now Vegas Bob wouldn't go out and buy $6000.00 dollars worth of halibut, but the value of fish caught will pay for my round trip flight to Alaska, Charter, Motel, Gas, etc. plus Vegas Bob will be left with $4000.00 worth of halibut in his freezer in Anchorage Alaska ;o)


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