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Summerlin Las Vegas Howard Hughes Red Rock Canyon by Robert Swetz

Summerlin Las Vegas Howard Hughes Red Rock Canyon by Robert Swetz

Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada by Red Rock Canyon has been named one of the most sought after communities in the Las Vegas Valley including Henderson Nevada.
Between the designs that Howard Hughes Corporation created following similar plans by Howard Hughes himself back in the 1960's
To this day the Summerlin communities continue to thrive with the building of new homes, new communities and some of the most attracted golf courses, walkways, and infrastructures in the real estate industry.
Here is a little history of Howard Hughes and how it began.

Howard Hughes in the BEGINNING

On August 10th 1909 Howard Hughes Sr was granted 2 U.S. patents on a special drilling bit for oil that revolutionized the oil industry and launched Hughes Tool Company

Howard Hughes

As a Orphan Howard Hughes Jr at the age of 19 assumes control of Hughes Tool Company in 1924, becoming one of the richest teenagers in the world. Which in turn brought Howard Jr considerable fame and Fortune. Howard Hughes created awards as a film director, a financially skilled investor with visions and dreams that were boundless.


In 1926 Howard Hughes joined up with well know director Lewis Milestone and produced 'Two Arabian Knights' which was a box office hit. His next movie was 'Hells Angels' which launched Hughes into the film industry and one of the most sought after celebrities.

Howard Hughes

Hughes went on to produce and make other motion pictures until he sold RKO Pictures in 1955 for 25 million dollars.


Outside of Howard Hughes love for motion pictures was his love for aviation.
Howard Hughes formed Hughes Aircraft Company that became one of the largest defense contractors in the nation. He designed one of the world's fastest planes the H-1 Racer and also set the fastest land speed record of 352 miles per hour in 1935. Hughes was named 'The Aviator of the Year' in 1938, he held aviation records and in 1939 started controlling interest in Trans World Airlines, which he sold 27 years later for $546 million dollars.

Howard Hughes

In 1953 the Hughes Aircraft Company was transferred to the a newly formed Howard Hughes Medical Institute to promote medical research and education. Hughes then purchased Air West Airlines in 1970 renaming it Hughes Air West which bought the base operation and charter terminal at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas Nevada.


Howard Hughes came back to Las Vegas Nevada in the 1060's Las Vegas was struggling with low real estate values. Hughes started purchasing most of the entire inventory of undeveloped vacant land in the Las Vegas Valley, which in turn actually helped save Las Vegas from a economic disaster. Hughes built on a 25,000 acre land holding that he purchased back in the early 1950's. Hughes became one of the largest landowners in the Las Vegas Valley and a key player within the region's economy.

Howard Hughes Corporation

Hughes created corporate and multiple ownership of gaming properties in Las Vegas and 6 Las Vegas Hotel-Casinos to his real estate operation.
With ownership and holdings in Nevada, Arizona and California Howard Hughes was one of the largest landowners in the United States of America.

In 1970 Howard Hughes left Las Vegas on pursuit to Acapulco Mexico, then to Houston Texas where Howard Hughes died of kidney failure while flying aboard a airplane.
Howard Hughes left behind a large estate made up of 26 operating companies connected to 16 different lines of businesses with also 49,000 acres of Real Estate.
And the Summerlin communities around Las Vegas continue to thrive with interest and growth including new homes, shopping complexes and so much more.
Howard Hughes was a very intelligent individual with visions of the Film Industry, Aviation, Real Estate and so much more ...
"My hat goes off to Howard Hughes" ;o) 

Howard Hughes

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