Thursday, July 14, 2016

Homes at Mt. Charleston Nevada Las Vegas by Robert Swetz

Photography by Robert Swetz

Homes at Mt. Charleston Nevada Las Vegas by Robert Swetz

For anyone that has been to Las Vegas Nevada knowing how hot it really gets, here's a post that may shock you!
Mt Charleston Nevada is located 45 minutes north west of the hot city of Las Vegas Nevada.
There is snow during the winter months that stays on the ground during the colder months, along with hiking, skiing and more activities. So when it's in the triple digits in Las Vegas Nevada the temps around Mt. Charleston will range like this ...


Period of Record Monthly Climate Summary

Period of Record : 01/01/1949 to 06/10/2016

Average Max. Temperature (F)44.043.448.854.864.474.179.478.271.761.451.644.359.7
Average Min. Temperature (F)19.219.823.528.236.444.152.050.643.534.526.019.433.1
Average Total Precipitation (in.)2.833.511.921.230.700.292.131.891.691.961.313.6123.09
Average Total SnowFall (in.)18.229.313.
Average Snow Depth (in.)81182000000143

Mt Charleston Nevada Robert Swetz

Along with cool & cold temperatures there are beautiful homes set up on the cliffs around Mt Charleston over looking the valley of green pine trees and total beauty.

Mt Charleston Nevada

So for all those people that think they know Las Vegas as this hot city in the desert, you really don't truly know Las Vegas like Robert Vegas Bob Swetz and other locals that have lived here most their lives.
Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada are located on the very south tip of the state of Nevada, and 50% of the balance of the state of Nevada is nothing at all like desert. Ely, Lake Tahoe and many other cities and areas located in the State of Nevada are nothing but beauty with green trees, rivers, lakes and so much more.

Mt Charleston Nevada

So for anyone interested in purchasing a home and or selling a home in the Mt Charleston area please call Robert Swetz today at:  702 443 7156
or email him at:

All these photos above were taken at Mt Charleston located 45 minutes north west of Las Vegas Nevada, and it sure doesn't look like the desert too me ;o)
So the next time your visiting Las Vegas Nevada and your whining about how hot it is, take a drive to Mt Charleston 45 minutes from the city and open your eyes to a part of Las Vegas that may shock you!

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