Friday, July 8, 2016

"What's going on in America and what's next?"

"What's going on in America and what's next?"

There is a reason Vegas Bob (does not) watch the news and why he hasn't watched the news in the last 20 years ... DEPRESSING :o(

While we were at our meeting this morning one of the workers said ... "What's going on in this country" and so I asked him why he said that!
He mentioned about 5 police officers that were murdered in Dallas so I stated I don't watch the news so I don't know anything about it. And to tell you the truth Vegas Bob (doesn't) want to hear stories like this and that's why I (don't) watch the news.
If people want to be DEPRESSED than watch the news and all the garbage about murder, rape, drugs, politics, taxes, etc.
And my question would be what does anyone benefit by watching anything on the television that makes people DEPRESSED? ... Nothing! 
And what can we do about all the DEPRESSING news on the television, etc? ... Nothing! So why do people continue to take the abuse of Bad News?
Vegas Bob has a saying that he uses when people ask if I have seen a certain event on the news ... "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS" ;o)
And this video I have attached to this post may be what I see coming in the near future of America.

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