Saturday, September 10, 2016


Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz

The market may be slow around the country, but the Commercial Properties and Commercial Vacant Land in Las Vegas Nevada continue to to rise and grow.

Belonging to the High Rise Association I have learned that within the next 20 years Las Vegas will be building approx 200 new High Rise Luxury Condo Buildings. There are 8 phases and Las Vegas is in only on phase one.

Because of the shortage of land in the valley close to downtown and the Strip, and the new building of High Rise Buildings any property located in this area will be very, very valuable.

If you have any questions and concerns about Las Vegas and or the state of Nevada, please feel free to contact me at:

This post written (ABOVE) by Robert Swetz aka "Vegas Bob" was his first post ever when he joined the ActiveRain network back in 1/1/2008
It wasn't long after this post was written that the real estate market crashed and 90% of the Commercial Building Projects crashed along with the market.
It has been 8+ years since this post was written and the Commercial Market in Las Vegas is headed for a huge upswing with General Contractors breaking ground. With many building permits already pulled and set into place. Las Vegas is once again getting set for another BOOM ...
Their just waiting for a new president to take office and several other plans to fall into place.
So that being said the year 2017 will be the beginning of another great time for Commercial Construction ...
Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz has associates along with himself that sell Commercial Real Estate in Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding Las Vegas Valley.

For anyone interested in purchasing Commercial Real Estate in Las Vegas Nevada call Vegas Bob today at:

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Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz

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