Tuesday, September 27, 2016

6 years since Vegas Bob's been in his home state of Minnesota

6 years since Vegas Bob's been in his home state of Minnesota

I can't believe it's been 6 long yeas since the last time I was in Minnesota, wow how time flies by!
The 3rd week of October Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be going back to Minneapolis where he was born and raised until the age of 17.
At Age 17 Vegas Bob moved to Portland Oregon and lived for 5 years and then lived in Santa Barbara, San Francisco and then in his 30's Vegas Bob moved to Las Vegas Nevada.
Besides my brother and his family which I talked into moving to Las Vegas Nevada 4 years ago, the rest of all Vegas Bob's relatives live in the state of Minnesota.
I am going back to Minnesota to see my father that just turned 80 years old the first week of September. While I am there I will be visiting with my sister, brother-in-law, their children, other family relatives and some very close friends.
I will be staying in Minnesota for around 6-7 days and the last time Vegas Bob was in Minnesota he was trying on this African head-dress at one of my close friends that thinks I am totally crazy ;o)
Robert Swetz will be taking his cameras so stay tuned for photographs of Minnesota and hopefully the fall colors if I'm not to late.

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Coon Rapids Minnesota 2010

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