Saturday, September 17, 2016

Robert Swetz going to Big Sur California Saturday 9/17/2017

Photography by Robert Swetz
Big Sur California by Robert Swetz

Robert Swetz going to Big Sur California  Saturday 9/17/2017

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz have been visiting Big Sur California since the late 70's when he first started traveling as a teenager.
Big Sur California is by far one of Vegas Bob's favorite places next to Luguna Beach, Redwoods in NorCal 100 mile south of the Oregon border, Lake Tahoe just to name a few.
What Robert Swetz loves most about the Big Sur area in the steep cliffs, aqua-colored waters and the feeling of an area that really hasn't been touched people.

Big Sur California is like stepping back in time, 50-100 years with very few homes, very few businesses and an area full of wild life.
For anyone that has had the chance to visit Big Sur California you know exactly what I'm talking about, and for (anyone) that hasn't been to Big Sur ... "shame on you"!
When a people visit Big Sur and actually spend some time there without just driving through, they take photos and talk about it's beauty to family and friends.
The beauty of Big Sur sets in peoples minds for weeks, days, months and years after their visit.
These photos and video on this post are 4-5 years old and it's about time that Vegas Bob takes more photos because these just aren't doing it for me anymore.
Robert Swetz knows he can take better photos of Big Sur that are on this page so stay tuned for some new photos coming up either this Sunday or the first part of new week.

Photography by Robert Swetz
Big Sur California by Robert Swetz

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