Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did Vegas Bob spot a real (Extraterrestrial) at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada?

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz has seen some very strange things in his life, in fact Robert Swetz has seen some real Extraterrestrial's around 20 years ago.
With AREA 51 in Nevada only 120 miles by road and 10 minutes by aircraft from Las Vegas Nevada, people are bound to see some Aliens. Several nights ago when Vegas Bob was down on Las Vegas Blvd ... THE STRIP he ran across one of the weirdest looking creatures he has seen in a long time. This blue looking creature appeared so quickly that is was very difficult to capture with a camera, but VB did capture it and here is one of the only photo pics (above).
Can anyone please explain to he what this blue looking creature it?

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