Friday, February 3, 2012

With a near "Death Experience" Robert Swetz wants to Thank GOD he's still here ... ;o)

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz was hiking at Red Rock Canyon Nevada like he has been for over 10 years now. Today at 11:00am 2-3-2012 was no different then any other day, around 60 degrees and beautiful weather. I had a book in hand that I was going to read after I found a nice quiet place to relax to read, meditate and take in the beautiful scenery.
I found a quite place to sit and read under a small natural rock arch around 30 feet up a small cliff. After reading some of my book I laid down on my back with the warm sun beating on me. I feel asleep and was woken by a nightmare that I can't remember. I was so startled by my dream that I stood up so fast and hit my head very hard on the top of my head and blacked out. Then all I remember was running down the 30 foot cliff I was on, and as I was running I could feel the pain of my hands, arms, knees and other parts of my body being banging by rocks and I was running. As I was running I could feel my body being pulled down like I was dying, I became so frightened because my mind kept going in and out as if I was being taken to die by the earth I was running upon. My mind was stronger then my body and I kept telling myself no-no don't close your eyes, stay focused or you will die.
I saw a man down below as I was running down the rocks, and I started running towards him. I wasn't sure if I was on earth or a part of heaven, and as I starting running towards the man I started screaming "Help Me"
When I found out that he was real I almost started crying because I hadn't died. I tried to explain to him what had happened but it was very difficult, and he asked if there was anything he could do.
As I looked up the 30 foot cliff I had just run down from I noticed my prescription sun glasses and book were back up from where I had hit my head and blacked out. I sat down for a few minutes and slowly hiked back up, grabbed my glasses and book and headed back down. 
I am home now as I am writing this and I have bruises and scratches all over my body and a huge bump on my head.
All I can say is I will never forget this experience of almost dying, I am already looking at life in a different perspective and "I Thank GOD I am still here"

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