Monday, February 20, 2012

HOME BUYERS - "Please read this before you make an Offer"

There are some changes in the Real Estate Industry that will save you thousands of dollars on purchasing a home. Many BANK owned homes across the nation including Las Vegas Nevada put homes on the market which create a "Bidding War" ...
When a BANK owned home is put on the market and they price the home thousands of dollars below market price this in turn will create multiple offers. This is a GAME that the Banks play to get HOME BUYERS to purchase these homes way above the listing price.
The BANKS will come back with a counter offer stating, "Give us your Best & Highest offer"
Well these days of BANKS playing these games are going to come to an end.
My inside sources have told me that the BANKS in the near FUTURE will no longer be able to accept offers above and beyond List Price. So the Banks are going to have to price their homes as close to market value as possible ... it's about time!
So until this new law goes into effect ...
Place your offers on homes you are interested in purchasing ... but please refrain from offering any money above and beyond the listing price! There are some many homes out there and it's just a matter of time before the BANKS will no longer be able to play their GREEDY GAMES ... "Screw the Banks" they Screwed us!

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