Thursday, February 16, 2012

Will the accident of "Racer's" father effect his dreams of being a BMX bike & Motocross champion?

Around one month ago Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz had the privilege of meeting "Racer" for the first time on a BMX bike track in Boulder City 20 minutes from Las Vegas Nevada.
"Racer" was there with his father a well known BMX rider and Motocross rider of 20 plus years, and belonging to a Motocross Team.
"Racer" is quite an amazing little boy, only 4 years old and under 3 foot tall ... this boy really has a drive within himself just as his father did at a very young age.
Last Saturday February 11-2012 "Racer's" father was at a race in Southern California and was in a tragic accident. At speeds of around 55 miles per hour "Racer's" father's motocross bike went out of control over some mobiles. He was seriously hurt with a crushed helmet with no head injuries, but 2 broken collar bones, 7 broken ribs and 1 lung punctured by a broken rib.
After the accident "Racer's" father had to be driven down a rough bumpy road 4 miles until a ambulance could pick him up and transport him to emergency.
I spoke with "Racer's" father today and he will be going in for more tests to determine what type of surgery he will under go. 
"Racer's" father a friend of mine is LUCKY to be alive after this crash and "Somebody up there likes Him" ... He is in good spirits and all his family & friends are praying for a speedy recovery.
And as for "Racer" ... 
Will the accident of his father effect his dreams of being a BMX bike & motocross champion? I would have to say ... NO!
Here are a couple photos of "Racer" and his father that I took 4 weeks ago and a link with "Racer" in action.
Go ... "Racer" and Dave ... "Get Well Soon"

Story, Video & Photographs by: Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz

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