Thursday, February 23, 2012

Special Post for my friend TRAVIS WALTON ... UFO/ Extraterrestrial Legend

Robert Swetz came across these photographs that he took, and the first person I thought about when I came across them is my friend TRAVIS WALTON ...
Now if you don't know who Travis Walton is ... well ... he is one interesting individual. Google his name and take a look at the interesting web coverage on Travis.
I will be posting this on Travis's FaceBook page because I know he will enjoy the photographs. Travis use to ride motorcycle so I know he'll love the photo (above) which was taken in Roswell New Mexico.

The photograph (above) is the CD cover from Travis Walton's famous movie & book ... 
FIRE IN THE SKY which he signed to Vegas Bob ...
And the photograph (below) ... well ... I hope it doesn't bring back some bad memories for my friend.

This ones for you Travis and I will be calling you some time soon ... ;o) ... Robert Swetz

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