Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Opinions on Blogging in The World Wide Web

 Blogging solid to the World Wide Web almost everyday has been quite an experience and a lot of hard work. As a owner of several different businesses from Real Estate, Jewelry, Photography, Videos and more I really wanted to get myself out there with pages and pages of Stories, Photographs and Videos of my businesses, travels and more.
 Well my presence is out there in (Full Force) and if you don't believe me just search Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz at (Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search platform. Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz will be slowing down with his Blogging within The World Wide Web. Robert will continue to post Photographs & Videos of Las Vegas, Nevada, California, South East Asia and other parts of the World because Robert has a Library with hundreds of thousands of Photographs & Videos. But as for Blogs filled with words ... well ... "Very Few"
 Life is very short on Earth compared to eternity and I will be enjoying it more by traveling and spending more time with loved ones.
 Please don't think that I am leaving for good because I am not ... "I will be still be around"

 "Have a wonderful day"

 Robert Swetz

 PS - The photograph above was taken while the sun was setting into the Pacific Ocean in Laguna Beach  California.

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